"Walk on a paved Inca trail challenging an incredible variety of landforms and vegetation across the various altitude zones from glaciated Andean mountains to the cloud forest in the eastern Andes"
Difficulty grade in TREK: MODERATE
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  Walk down to Chucura (J. Villarroel)  
  Chucura hamlet (J .Villarroel)  
  Inca trail going down to Challapampa (J. Villarroel)  
  Entering the cloud forest (J. Villarroel)  
  Cloud forest in Yungas (J. Villarroel)  
  Walk down to Choro hamlet (J. Villarroel)  
  Campsite in San Francisco (J. Villarroel)  
  Traverse of pristine forest (J. Villarroel)  
Average daily trek: 6 hours

We drop down to the warm forest. Once in here, we will have a glimpse of 2500 year old history of Tiwanaku and the Inca, walking on an ancient trail built with obvious engineering knowledge. This paved path was in early times a trunk way of trans-regional commerce. Hundreds of llamas were used to carry produce and materials from the Amazon to the high Andes en route to the Pacific coast and vice versa.


1rst trip: From 17 May to 20 May
2nd trip: From 21 May to 24 May
3rd trip: From 17 June to 20 June
4th trip: From 21 June to 24 June
5th trip: From 17 July to 20 July
6th trip: From 21 July to 24 July
7th trip: From 17 August to 20 August
8th trip: From 21 August to 24 August
9th trip: From 17 September to 20 September
10th trip: From 21 September to 24 September


DAY 1: TO CHALLAPAMPA. Car transfer. Move down to the cloud forest. Trek and camp.

DAY 2: TO SAN FRANCISCO. Trek and camp.

DAY 3: TO COROICO CITY. Humid forest. Trek and hotel.


BRING: anorak, sleeping bag, gloves, polar jacket, bonnet, sun glasses, head torch, sun block crème, sun hat, binoculars, bathing suit, mosquito repellent, Malaria prophylaxis.