"The La Paz'pristine Amazon called Madidi is catalogued by the scientists as one of the world's most immense reserves of biodiversity in the planet"
Difficulty grade in TREK: MODERATE
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  Tuichi river (P. Barrón)  
  Big trees in the Amazonian forest (P. Barrón)  
  Fishing in Tuichi river (M. Alvarado)  
  Neotropical cormoran (P. Barrón)  
  Jaguar (Viceministerio de Turismo de Bolivia)  
  Locals in Madidi (P Barrón)  
5 nights in bungalow and hotel
2 nights camping

The Madidi's vast wilderness area encompasses unparalleled biodiversity ranging from mountain cloud forest to dry tropical forest, humid lowland rainforest to savannah, wild rivers to lakes. It is the habitat of more than 1.000 species of birds, 44% of all new world species of mammals, and an estimated 38% of neotropical amphibians. The tropical Andes where Madidi is located, is also a globally critical hotspot of endemic plants. The lower neighbouring Eastern side of Madidi is formed by Las Pampas forming wetland savannas. Our trekking activity is rather a walk on the wild side of the trailheads and river banks. Stay in campsites or bungalows.


1rst trip: From 21 May to 28 May
2nd trip: From 21 June to 28 June
3rd trip: From 21 July to 28 July
4th trip: From 21 August to 28 August
5th trip: From 21 September to 28 September


DAY 1: Regular flight to Rurrenabaque City. Transfer and hotel.

DAY 2: travel in motor canoe and camp at Tuichi River.

DAY 3: Trek and camp at Ondo River. Wildlife viewing.

DAY 4: Trek to Tuichi River. Endemic parrots in Caquiawara. Return to Rurrenabaque. Hotel.

DAY 5: Car transfer and motor canoe to Las Pampas. Viewing of turtles, capybaras and myriad birds. Bungalow. Night to view caimans.

DAY 6: Hike to view Anacondas and monkeys. Fishing piranhas.

DAY 7: Viewing of pink river dolphins. Return to Rurrenabaque. Hotel.

DAY 8: Regular flight to La Paz.

BRING: raincoat, thin sleeping bag, light gloves, thin fleece jacket, sun glasses, headlamp, sun block crème, sun hat, binoculars, bathing suit, vaccinations card, mosquito repellent, Malaria prophylaxis.