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  Cemetery of trains in Uyuni (Client R. Schrauwen)  
  Hotels made of salt in Uyuni (Client R. Schrauwen)  
  Our dinners in campsite (Client R. Schrauwen)  
  Blind fishes in the Torotoro cave (J. Villaroel)  

Individual tours to tick off according to your possibilities, requirements and expectations. Ideal menu to command what is best for you.

Check and contact us to know more about any of the following tours:

1.   Hike from Chacaltaya to Huayna Potosi
(Full Day)
  HCHP   Sign in >>> 
2.   Hike in the National Park Condoriri
(Full Day)
  HCNP   Sign in >>> 
3.   Trek Sillutinkara
(2 Days)
  TS   Sign in >>> 
4.   Trek Yunga Cruz
(4 Days)
  TYC   Sign in >>> 
5.   Trek Around Illampu-Ancohuma
(8 Days)
  TIA   Sign in >>> 
6.   Uyuni Salt Flat & Laguna Colorada in 4x4
(4 Days)
  UC4X4   Sign in >>> 
7.   Wildlife in the Rainforest of Chalalan
(5 Days)
  WC   Sign in >>> 
8.   Wildlife in the Rainforest of El Jiri
(3 Days)
  WEJ   Sign in >>> 
9.   Biking in the Death Road
(Full Day)
  BD   Sign in >>> 
10.   Climbing Acotango
(3 Days)
  CA   Sign in >>> 
11.   Climbing Illimani
(4 Days)
  CILLI   Sign in >>> 
12.   Climbing Sajama
(5 Days)
  CS   Sign in >>> 
13.   Glacier Hike
(Full Day)
  GH   Sign in >>> 
14.   Tour in Lake Titikaka
(3 Days)
  TKK   Sign in >>> 
15.   Climbng Aconcagua
(15 Days)
  CA   Sign in >>>