"Exploration in 4WD across Uyuni, the world's biggest salt flat found amongst the highest deserts in the world"
Activity goals:
Wildlife viewing,
Salt desert traverse,
Andean Pre-history
Difficulty grade in 4x4: EASY
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  Salt Flat Uyuni (P. Barrón)  
  Children mommies in Coquesa (Joe Klausner)  
  Giant cactuses in Incawasi island (Joe Klausner)  
  Ostrich in Uyuni (J. Villarroel)  
  Flamingos in Laguna Colorada (Joe Klausner)  
  Geysers in Sol de Mañana (Piter Barrón)  
  Vicuñas (Piter Barrón)  
  Fox in the bolivian desert (P. Barrón)  
  Viscacha (Joe Klausner)  
Average daily drive: 6 hours

The volcanoes rise over colourful deserts and salt fields where pink flamingos can also be found. The natural beauty and the culture of Chipayas and Carangas, will all make this unmissable trip feel like an "austral Tibet". The Uyuni salt flat consists of a compact crystallized crust 10 metres thick that expands for more than 10,500 square kilometres. The microclimates give birth to the endemic types of polylepis trees and lepidophyllum bushes which form the highest forest of the world. We will move from La Paz in 4X4 cars fully equipped towards the Bolivian Atacama. We will drive on abandoned miner's roads and tracks. Hike to the crater of volcanoes, forests of keñua trees and set foot on the salt flat of Uyuni.


DAY 1: Public transport to Uyuni the city.

DAY 2: Travel by 4WD to the Uyuni salt flat and the desert of San Juan. Lodge.

DAY 3: Move through the desert of Siloli and Laguna Colorada. Lodge.

DAY 4: Return to Uyuni. Return to La Paz on night bus.

DAY 5: Arrive in La Paz.

BRING: anorak, emergency sleeping bag, warm gloves, fleece jacket, down jacket, thermal underwear, sun glasses, head torch, sun block and sun hat.