"Madidi, La Paz' own region of pristine Amazon rainforest is ranked by scientists as one of the world's most important reserves of biodiversity in the planet. Chalalan is found at the heart of the Madidi National Park"
Difficulty grade in TREK: MODERATE (-)
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  By Tuichi river we reach Chalalán (M. Alvarado)  
  Ecolodge Chalalán (TC Chalalán)  
  Rooms in the Ecolodge Chalalán (TC Chalalán)  
  Lagune Chalalán (TC Chalalán)  
  Ecotourism in Chalalán (TC Chalalán)  
  The route Silbador in Chalalán (TC Chalalán)  
  Opisthocomus Hoazin (TC Chalalán)  
  Ramphastos Vitellinus (TC Chalalán)  
  Tapir (TC Chalalán)  
  Jaguar (TC Chalalán)  
4 nights in ecolodge and hotel

This area comprises a full array of tropical ecosystems with unparalleled biological diversity in climates ranging from mountain cloud forest to dry tropical forest, humid lowland rainforest to savannah. It is the habitat of more than 1,000 species of birds, 44% of all New World species of mammals, and an estimated 38% of neotropical amphibians. We will walk through some of the wilder areas of the National Park Madidi. Rich birdlife. The Amazon at its best.


DAY 1: Flight to Rurrenabaque. Hotel.

DAY 2: Motor boat to Chalalan. Ecolodge. Hike for wildlife viewing.

DAY 3: Hike in Silbador, Mutun and Anta to see exotic and medical plants. Take the Wichi and Jaguar route to carry out some bird watching.

DAY 4: Return to Rurrenabaque.

DAY 5: Flight to La Paz.

BRING: Raincoat, sun glasses, long T-shirts, head torch, sun block, sun hat, binoculars, swimwear, vaccinations card, mosquito repellent, Malaria prophylaxis.