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  Editions related to Juan Villarroel  
  Villarroel topping Illimani (M. Capriles)  


Cars and tents that we use in our expeditions:

  Our cars 4x4  
  Our vans  
  Our bus for hard roads (M. Capriles)  
  Hardwear Trango 3,1  
  North Face VE25 y M 25  
  Vaude Mark  

We never made advertising further than our website, we never participated in International Tourism conventions but strangely we work for prominent companies abroad and many individual clients who passed by us and who return to us again and again. Some guide books that discovered us recommend our good services but some others simply do not discover us yet.

Azimut Explorer is a group of highly specialized guides doing consultancy and arrangements related to trekking, biking, climbing, birding and diverse thematic tours which are related to Adventure and Naturalism.  Our trekking and cultural guides are members of the Asoguiatur-La Paz (Asociación de guías de turismo) and our  Climbing guides are certified by AGMTB (Mountain guides Association in Bolivia) but for further reference, visit

These are some of us:

Rosa Ramos has done studies in gastronomy. An artist to set up gourmets and buffets. Tour guide with diploma from INFOCAL. Experienced trekking guide. She speaks Spanish and Quechua.

Ivan Gutierrez is highly experienced trekking and biking and birding guide. He speaks English and  Spanish.

Manuel Alvarado is a highly experienced trekking and cultural guide. He speaks English, Spanish and Aymara. Has written many books related to Mystical Tourism.

Rolando Tarqui is a professional AGMTB mountain guide. He speaks English and Spanish and Aymara.

Juan Villarroel has a master’s degree in Tourism and Hostelling from the university Univalle - La Paz. Diploma from ENSA (Ecole Nationale d’Ski et Alpinisme de Chamonix) as Mountain Guide. Certified IFMGA mountain guide. Diploma in Tourism Marketing. He speaks English, French, Spanish and Aymara. In AE he guides also holiday trips. His most relevant jobs:

  • He has written the pocket book “Trekking and Climbing in the High Andes of Bolivia”.
  • He has opened challenging several routes in the Bolivian mountains which are registered in guide books and magazines: Gabarrou/Villarroel route in Illampu; you can read more of it in the guide book “The Andes of Bolivia” by Alain Mesili; Other routes: Transcontinental in the south face of Pacokeuta, Killibirti Direct route, Wila Lloje South Face Route, have been described in High Magazine in UK in the edited numbers 159 and 177.
  • He has done projection sketches for the guide book “The Andes of Bolivia” by Alain Mesili; you can check more of it in
  • He has scheduled and written the magazine “Discover Bolivia” for CANOTUR (Chamber of Tour Operators in Bolivia) edited in 2008. Know more about them in