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  Morpho godarti guerrin (P. Barrón)  
  Oil of PN Condoriri (painted by Juan Villarroel)  
  Orquids in Chiquitanía (J. Villaroel)  
  Chaquilla cave paintings (P. Barrón)  

6000+, The thirteen 6000 meter mountains of Bolivia:
Only found in Bolivia. 192 pages.
Spectacular pictures with fascinating description. Unlike a pocket book it is a deluxe book ideal as special present for someone special.
Author: Willy Kenning.

The Andes of Bolivia:
The most updated climbing guide.
Author: Alain Mesili.

Trekking in Bolivia:
A Traveler´s guide.
Authors: Yossi Brain, Andrew North, Isobel Stoddart.

A climbing guide.
Author: Yossi Brain.

Birds of the High Andes:
A compendium of birds in High and Low Andes.
Authors: Jon Fjeldsa y Niels Krabbe.

Mountain Sickness:
Prevention, Recognition and Treatment.
Author: Peter H. Hackett, MD.

Medicine for Mountaineering:
James A. Wilkerson, MD.

Going Higher:
The Story of Man and Altitude.
Author: Charles Houston, MD.

High Altitude Physiology Study:
Charles Houston, MD.

The Pocket Doctor:
Your Ticket to Good Health While Travelling.
Author: Stephen Bezruchka, MD.

The Medical Guide for Third World Travellers:
A Comprehensive Self-Care Handbook.
Authors: Marc Robin y Bradford Dessery.