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For trekking and Biking we work on a basis of 4 grades: Easy, Moderate, Demanding, Strenuous. To each one of them we give one of two symbols (-) for slightly less difficult or (+) for slightly more difficult to further specify the difficult. For Climbing we use mainly the French ice climbing grading but additionally mention the American and Scottish grading systems. Here more specifications:


Easy.- Trips are for beginners in paved roads.

Moderate.- Suitable for most hill walkers.

Demanding.- Physically very challenging.

Strenuous.- Our toughest treks, involving long days at high altitude.


Easy.- Suitable for most people with good health.

Moderate.- Trips are suitable for cyclists who are used to paved roads, forestry roads and easy double track.

Demanding.- Trips suitable for regular bikers in search of adventure rides in remote locations.

Strenuous.- Sustained workout in long days.


There are only some few mountains where we can climb D+ but in general all our ice climbs are below D+.


In general terms, the difficulty depends on the length of the trip (from few days to many days), gentle or bad roads, and remoteness.

Easy.- 4 hours driving time plus time for miscellaneous.

Moderate.- 6 hours driving time plus time for miscellaneous.

Demanding.- 8 hours driving time plus time for miscellaneous.