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  Bromelia (J. Villarroel)  
  NP Amboró (J. Villarroel)  
  Rescuing wild animals in danger (J. Villaroel)  
  Suburbs in La Paz (Client J. Ramón Ramos)  

Holiday packages

Trips that run private according to your dates. Prices according to the size of your group. We operate these trips minimally with 2 participants and maximally with 10. It is a menu with packages to command, therefore, these trips will run whenever the clients book them. In these trips, our service starts with the transfer in your arrival day in La Paz-Bolivia and your departure day from Bolivia, in other words, they are “from airport to airport”.

Set – Dated FIT tours

Unlike the holiday packages, these FIT’s give you the possibility to book individual tours with pool service, in other words, sharing the tour with many other tourists. We reserve the right to accept a maximum of 6 participants. Some of these tours will not run if they do not have minimally 2 bookings in the tour. Please, see the status visiting any of these FIT Tours. If you want to do any of these tours in a different date, you better visit our link Extension Tours where we have the same tour but treated for a private service.

Extension Tours

Unlike the FIT’s, you cannot buy your pool tour ticket. These tours run private according to your dates and prices according to the size of your group.

Tailor-Made packages and tours

Any of our Holiday packages as well as our Extension Tours could be easily customized according to your requirements.

Reflexions & Suggestions

If you are alone, you better look for something available in Set-Dated FIT Tours in order to access to a reasonable price. If you are a couple you can open the run of any of our FIT’s and at the same time access to a reasonable price. The inconvenience in FIT’s is that you cannot change the set-dates. If you are with some friends you can check something interesting in our Holiday packages or in our Extension Tours and access to very reasonable prices (more people, cheaper price for each).